Firefox (0.9.x-2.0+)

Designed for BeOS, works on all platforms.

When using this theme on BeOS or Zeta, your browser will look much nicer if you set the Display Resolution to 72dpi in the "Content" or "fonts" option panel. This value matches the OS's native resolution.

screenshot of HaikuFox

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15 March 2008
version 0.4.9 I've edited the install info to indicate support only of Firefox 2.0.* There are enough changes with Firefox 3.0 that it's difficult to maintain backward compatibility. Never fear! I'll start a new theme for Firefox 3 once we can build and use it on the Haiku OS (www.haiku-os.org) I'll continue to refine small parts of HaikuFox in the future, too. Many thanks to those who've supported and praised HaikuFox over the years!
14 April 2007
version 0.4.8 Minor tweak to Places Manage Bookmarks column widths. Removed extra row of grey pixels between scroll arrows on double-arrow scrollbar views. Support 3.0a2 changes to findBar; maintained backwards compatility with 2.0 findbar. Fixes per bugzilla bugs 367622 (disappearing scrollbars), 298371 (multi-selectable richlist box), 368761 (smarter anti-phishing menu). Fix formatting issue in bookmarks properties window (thanks, Brian!).
20 Ocober 2006
version 0.4.7 Fix left horizontal scrollbutton bug. Minor change to small down-arrow icon to improve appearance. Narrow search engine button for better appearance. Change Bookmarks toolbar dropdown "chevron" to down-arrow for consistency. Minor behind-the-scenes cleanup of code to eliminate CSS errors visible in debug mode. Added borders to bookmark and search engine buttons when active. New throbber with better contrast on large screens and clockwise spin (for a little "good magic") - thanks to Marc Belmont for suggestion and new animated gif.
17 September 2006
version 0.4.6 Fix regression in dropdown menu scroll arrows. Fix squashed search engine icon in FF1.5 regression introduced in HaikuFox 0.4.4. Fix regression in dropdown menu scroll arrows. Fixed 2px jump when toolbar "history" or "bookmarks" buttons are active. Fix bug wherein contents of URL bar cannot be highlighted/cut/paste correctly (2.0 change). Support both 1.5 and 2.0 searchbars. Implement many smaller changes for 2.0 compliance.
version 0.4.5 Obsoleted before release by changes to Firefox 2.0 user interface.
2 September 2006
version 0.4.4 Properly skin "skip" and "continue" buttons in Extension auto-update dialogue. Fix appearance of 2.0 searchbar.
13 August 2006
version 0.4.3 Fix margins/scrollbar appearance on autocomplete field dropdown. Options(Preferences) gright side elements no longer obscured when opened. Added support for scale xul changes (bug 290255). Added support for cell-based selection in trees (bug 296040). Support re-add of autodiscovered search engine (bug 340868). Support tab scrolling (bug 318168) and alltabs menu (bugs 343251 and 345260) . Add missing notification (bug 307358). Compatability wizard changes (bug 345353). Support for Firefox 2.0 searchbar layout.
30 May 2006
version 0.4.2 Minor fix eliminates transparent pixels that sometimes appear on FindBar buttons. Fixes formatting regression on findbar text input field border. Saved a little vertical screen space on the toolbar. Initial support for microsummaries. Support for "addons" replacement for themes and extensions windows. Added "notification.css" for changes to popup blocker, addon alert and other notifications. Added support for feeds, searchbar enhancements and safebrowsing components of Firefox 3.0a1.
8 April 2006
version 0.4.01 Updated install file to allow use with Firefox 3.0. Changes to "Places" for more consistent formatting and incorporating changes from default theme.
3 April 2006
version 0.4.0 Menu fonts now match system menu fonts. Themed support for "places" replacement for bookmarks toolbar.
17 February 2006
version 0.3.8b Repaired "4 rows of icons" problem introduced by removal of mail button. Sincere apologies to everyone caught by this bug and thanks for your support!
13 February 2006
version 0.3.8 Removed mail button per bug 306453. Added support for tab-close button on tab per bug 308396. Fixed problem with right edge of 1st tab when not selected.
3 January 2006
version 0.3.7 Changes to scrollbar appearance for better BeOS integration. Changed splitter cursor per bug 319043.
5 December 2005
version 0.3.6 Fixed longstanding bug: Mac OS X users will now have scrollbars! Many thanks to Peo Grape, Matthew Hinman and Flo Hubrich for their help, testing and patience while I tracked down this bug.
Fixed bug in xulscrollbars in extension and download panels. Fixed selected small decending tab right border (eg, chatzilla window). Minor cleanup of a few icons scattered throughout the theme.
22 October 2005
version 0.3.5 Fixed tab drop indicator functions under BeOS/Zeta, in celebration of BeOS' long-awaited drad'n'drop implementation. Minor change to scrollbox up/down arrows.
4 October 2005
version 0.3.4 BeOS customizations to netError.css including equivalent to latest winstripe changes. Added support and BeOS graphic for drag'n'drop tab rearranging. Put the grippy on XUL scrollbar-thumbs (oops). Fixed missing right-edge on small decending tabs (as on chatzilla.) No more ugly radio buttons. Scrollbox up/down arrows modeled on R5 Be-menu scrollbox. More right-to-left compatibility changes.
18 September 2005
version 0.3.3 Updated RDF to be compatible with Firefox Deer Park 1.6. Added code to support new scrollbars under DeerPark. Made "Extensions", "Theme" and "Customize Toolbar" windows consistent with "Download" window. "De-bloated" theme by removing many unnecessary graphics. Updated help to add right-to-left compatibility.
12 August 2005
version 0.3.2 Fixed "jumping" when starting with a blank URL. Thanks to Richard Carver and David Johnson for help in isolating the issue and testing the fix.
1 July 2005
version 0.3.1 No changes to theme. Install file now sets maxVersion to "1.0+" to be compatible with development releases and with addons.mozilla.org site requirements. Preview image resized to fit official 200x150 requirement.
13 June 2005
version 0.3.0 A major cleanup of the internal workings of the theme. Many changes: Most evident: removal of faint purple hue to browser: all elements now closely mimic R5 greyscale color elements. Added BeOS-style update alert icons. Added BeOS style for Help dialogue. Added support for security coloring and icons in URLbar. Changed radio buttons to work with upcoming version 1.1 enhancements. New small tabs for use with upcoming version 1.1 preferences panel. Added throbber to tabbed browsing. Corrected drop-down arrow style in several menu locations. Menubar now shrinks in height to match "small icons" mode.
1 April 2005
version 0.2.6 Added BeOS-style fullscreen restore/close icons. Added support for upcoming Firefox version 1.1 prefs panel. Cleaned up "advanced" prefs icon from versions 0.2.4-0.2.5.
18 March 2005
version 0.2.5 Corrected forward, backward, refresh arrow colors to match BeOS.
17 March 2005
version 0.2.4 Many fixes this time. Revised home/start button to proper size (thanks, Meanwhile!) BeOS-styled page-theme icon. Revised "plug-in" icon for better arrow proportion. Bookmarks panel toolbar: mouse-over effects, new "move bookmark" icon. Prefs panel: mouse-over effects, used default theme pref.css as basis for mods. Themes and Extensions panels: BeOS icons with mouse over, used default theme extensions.css as basis for mods. Download panel: reworked with default download.css, BeOS icons with mouseover. Popup menus: fixed vertical alignment, fixed autoscroll arrows in open bookmark toolbar folder with long list of bookmarks (Thanks, Assimil8or!). Filepicker: BeOS icons. Sidebar: reworked using default tree.css, fixed issue with invisible lines and twistie positions Cleaned up required communicator elements using those from "classic" theme.
1 March 2005
version 0.2.3 New home/start button. Added mouse-over effect to menu icons and go button; ported BeOS "go" to right-to-left input; BeOS-styled find-bar arrows; Fixed "small icons" (though icons are fuzzy for now); New "plug-in" icon.
21 February 2005
version 0.2.2 Added BeOS-flavored popup blocker alerts, alert/info/warning icons.
17 February 2005
version 0.2.1 Changed Find bar alerts to use BeOS-standard alert icons. Altered find bar close and tab close buttons to more BeOS-like appearance. (OK, I lied. Major reworks take time. I like immediate results.)
27 January 2005
Added FindBar and LiveBookmark icons. This will be the last iteration before a major rework of the theme.
17 October 2004
Created HaikuFox, based on yellowtab theme from alazano.org and modified by Ear3ndil. All credit goes to the original theme designer. I'm just a tinkerer :)

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